Chosera 1k, The Hulk

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Synthetic Stones

Chosera 1k, The Hulk

by:  Micheal Vanhoudt

Everybody that has used waterstones can relate to the smooth feeling you get from using them. The soft grinding sound you get is almost magical… However sometimes we miss out on these feelings/ Sometimes you just don’t get into the zone. It could be the knife, it could be the stone. Considering most of you have pretty good knives (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this), the reason you are not getting that smooth feeling would be your stone. Maybe you are using a stone that isn’t suited for the task. Maybe you’re using a stone that’s just not suited for you. Or maybe you are just using a bad stone.

The Chosera 1k offers a smooth velvet like sensation passing through your body like sitting down in a $10.000 couch. Yes it is that good.

Green goodness.

When you unpack the stone you will see the vibrant green stone in the box. Like an emerald waiting to get ground. That’s where the one and only problem with this stone pops up. Unless you want your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend to kill you, don’t use a good towel to clean of the slurry of the blade. The black and green good is hard to remove from towels and stains pretty hard. I do love the vibrant green, but according to my girlfriend, it is slurry from hell. So use rags only if you can.

Like the speed of light

If you think a 1k King is fast, then well I have a nice surprise for you… It is not fast. This stone puts pretty much every 1k stone to shame and is on par with the Shapton 1k for speed. To get its full potential, you will need to soak it for at least 5 minutes. The stone is rather thirsty and needs a fair time soaking to get the best results. Keep a spray bottle handy too.

A 1k stone is considered a medium stone and should act like that. Meaning: removing the scratches from the coarser stone you used before (320-800) and setting up the path to a polishing stone or pre-polisher. In this the Chosera excels.

I have used 2 stones to set a bevel before the 1k Chosera. A 320 Shapton pro and a 400 Chosera. The 1k removed the scratches from both stones with ease and left a rather polished edge. This edge is not polished like a 6k, but you can the polish staring to form. This is because of the slurry building of the stone. The slurry on the stone will allow a more polishing action while still cutting fast. This is the same on all the Chosera stones. After a good sharpening session, you can see a reflection when looking at the edge sideways. A very hazy mirror if you will.


I have found this stone to fit perfect in pretty much every synthetic progression. It’s also a perfect stone to use before natural stones. The slight polishing lends itself to be followed with a Coticule with a heavy slurry or a good Aoto. I really like to use a Binsui after this stone to do a full natural progression. A Coticule with a heavy creamy slurry which is then diluted works well too.

For most softer knives (Sabatier, Wusthof, Henckels, Victorinox) this level of refinement is plenty. You can clean up the edge by stropping it on 2µ SiC to get rid of the burr remnants and you are good to go.

For harder knives this is an excellent stone to prepare the knife for a 3k or 4k stone.


This stone is one of the best 1k stones on the market. It’s fast, polishes well for a 1k stone and is an excellent finisher for soft knives. The only rival it has are the Shapton stones which are different animals all together.

Whether you are looking for a bevel setter for razors, a medium stone or a finisher for soft knives, this is a perfect choice. The emerald green is vibrant and I really love it no matter what my girlfriend says!

  1. I like this web site it’s a master piece! Glad I noticed this on google.

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